• Theresa

    Hi Jane, Do you think you can explain to my husband what it is you do? Only he can't believe the transformation in me. He will not believe that by you touching a few points, testing muscles, & releasing negative emotions, has turned me back into, his words "My sexy misses"! He even asked if you've injected Botox in me, cheeky sod!

    All joking a side he is very intrigued, & would like to book in for a treatment with you, result! I cannot believe he wants to, but like you said once he sees my transformation he will. Typical man though, he said she won't start doing any weird stuff will she! Ha, ha! He's been watching to much rubbish on TV! On that note, do you think you can reprogram him, & send me home Brad Pitt! Ha!

    Thank you Jane for finding my mojo once more! Love & hugs Theresa xxx

  • Mike

    Jane, After my treatment with you I felt like I got off the merry go round. I had total clarity, a clear head, & a new direction to implement. I will be recommending you, & will definitely see you again. P.S I slept the best I'd had in a very long time!

  • Jean

    Dearest Jane, I just wanted to send this thank you message. I'm still in shock that you managed to make my hand work again! I have not been able to close my right hand properly for 10 years since my accident, even after receiving two years of physiotherapy, & four steroid injections, it's nothing short of a miracle. My Husband can't believe it too, in fact my whole family have nicknamed you, Jane the miracle worker!

    It was the speed you had my hand opening, & closing that stunned me. Less than a minute, and yet that couldn't be achieved in two years of physiotherapy, and six months of that I went daily for.

    I know you don't like to take the credit for what you are undoubtedly born with, this gift of healing. But, I just want to say you have allowed me to regain the use of my hand, and that I'm am truly thankful of. You're a very special person, very passionate about helping every living thing on this planet, to receive the very best one can from the Universe. With love & thanks always Jean xxx

  • Janet

    Jane guess what?? Just left eye hospital. Pressure levels normal, I told them I haven't used drops. I have to come back in a year. They are shocked! I can't get over what I was holding on to inside without me being aware what was causing such damage to my eye sight! To think they wanted to put needles in my eyes!!

    Thank you so much for your healing hands, & friendship. I'm so relieved, and look forward to my next treatment with you.

  • Rachel

    "Jane, just a little message to say "WOW"!!!!! How do you get me sooooo much? My shoulder/neck pain has completely gone, I have been practising my home work! see you soon,

  • Louise

    "Hi Jane" Thank you so so much for today! I'm blown away & can't stop thinking about it! What an experience, seriously awesome! You're gift is quite extraordinary! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! sending very much love & light